May 10, 2012

Our big adventure

The Weather has definitely changed to spring, the roses are blooming, town is bustling with visitors and the tasting rooms and vineyards are mad with the sounds of sipping. The farmers market is open again, and folks are buzzing about river races, the upcoming FFA parade and fair, and music in the square...

Roses amongst the ruins

"Sigh", such a wonderful place to live and where are we? covered head to toe in plaster, sawdust, primer, paint and filth, never seeing the outside light of day. Six weeks and counting to refinance and somehow we will make it.

We are currently plastering our way up and through the center hall, all three stories. And simultaneously, installing more woodwork, stripping more doors, and getting prepared to to finish more floors. The big adventure came with the rental of a Gradall. What a fun toy!

Step one: Drive 5 minutes to the rental company
Step two: Spend 30 minutes driving the Gradall back to the house (it does not go very fast)
Step three: Spend 10 minutes strapping a cast iron tub to the Gradall, and lift it to the second story
Step four: Spend 30 minutes driving the Gradall back to the rental company.

Lots of time driving it around town, and just a few minutes to do the job, but, it saved any possible damage to the tile floor in the center hall, or the staircase. And I have to say it was fun! Crazy to drive as it has rear wheel steering and bounces along the road like crazy, but you know...
"boys and their big boy toys!"

Arrival on the second floor, and in through the second floor hall door
And now, as much as I would love to write more and stupefy you with my humor and wit, I am afraid that I must get to work. On the agenda this morning, more woodwork. I am on the verge of finishing the installation of the three door jambs at the top of the third floor staircase, two original and one recreated. I need to get them in and trimmed out so we can plaster and once the doors are hung it should help to keep the lower floors cooler over the summer.

A couple of parting shots for the day...
Third floor staircase nearing completion!

So that's how that works

Now to work and more adventures!