May 17, 2013

Got Up and Went

The spring has found us moving at a snails pace. Perhaps our "get up and go", got up and went!
We are both trying to get in gear, but at the same time we have been having a lot of fun! And that is a nice change. That is not to say that we have been completely idle. We have still been working on the deck - the wrap around porch.

With all of the super structure complete and the deck boards laid, we turned our attention to the upper layer. It has seemed for a long time that we would never complete the upper deck, but at long last we added the joists and (cursing every step of the way) covered it with T&G pressure treated plywood. Before winter comes we will install a water proof, aluminum decking that will keep the underside 100% dry and allow us to walk out onto it from the Master Bedroom.

At this point it is about creating the reality of that grand hotel porch. That means a ceiling! I received a few quotes for new tongue and groove beadboard, and like most lumber quotes, I had to have a little sit down after reading them. $1200-$1500 just seemed a bit high for a ceiling. It is true that for a fraction of the cost we could have done an artificial beadboard by using sheets of plywood that look like beadboard... but I couldn't do it

So we marched ourselves out to the salvage pile. An afternoon of sorting and piling left us with what we hoped would be enough 1 x 4 tongue and groove flooring from a section of the house we tore down. Another few evenings and afternoons of de-nailing and planing we were ready to begin the ceiling. Now mind you that this lumber had been rather hastily removed from the old section of the house and the tongue and groove that should allow you to nail it in place with no nails showing, was in poor shape at its best. Hours of fussing and surface nailing bought us finally to the last board, and it looks pretty damn good. A decent priming, sanding and nail hole filling, and we will be ready for paint!

Joists in place and ready for covering
The last shot looking up and through

Batons being applied so that the ceiling boards will run perpendicular to the house
The finished ceiling, and the boxed beams, next... columns!
Temporary seating so more fun can be had!

If you happen to see our "get up and go" wandering around somewhere, please phone us up!
It's time for the boys to get their proverbial butts in gear!


It has been reported that the missing "get up and go" has been spotted! It is being returned, and just in time! This reporter has learned that a new rendering has been presented at 227 North Street, and a beginning date has been chosen. Healdsburg hold your breath...  Starting July first 2013, the home at the corner of North and Fitch will no longer be white as it ALWAYS has been. Using our own private investigators, under cover agents, and a secret source at WikiLeaks, we present to you the future!