March 08, 2011

New arrivals for Spring

Everyday a little more. That is the statement that describes our lives. Work the jobs during the day and work the other job in the evening. Even if it is only a board that gets denailed and stripped of paint, or a sheet of drywall that is hoisted up onto a wall, everyday a little more.

We have settled into the big house and struggle on a daily basis to keep a clean spot to live in. But I must say it is wonderful to live in town and folks is always stoppin in fer a chat. Spring is in the air and we can tell because there have been new arrivals. Very exciting arrivals actually.

The first one was long overdue in our lives. A great bundle of joy that came down the sidewalk on a dolly.

Off in the distance
Closer, oh what could it be?
Kind of boxy, but Phillip sure has a smile on his face

Ready for a lift up the steps
Meet Mister Bosch
Phillip was so overjoyed at Mister Bosch's arrival that he did not even wait to put the tools away before he loaded it up.
All we need is a stainless steel cover for the bottom and the cabinet run will be complete.
Ah, the simple joys of modern life... a dishwasher. We have been without one for almost three years and have definitely had it up to "here" with washing dishes by hand.

Our second arrival for Spring also came to reside in the Kitchen. A refrigerator! We could not afford to purchase the refrigerator we want, and may not be able to for quite sometime. The cabinets were built specifically for a subzero, counter depth and much taller than a standard refrigerator. We could have purchased a cheap stand in for awhile, and lived with a big gap above it, but I just couldn't do it.
As I do love to say "Viva La DIY", I shall now add "Viva La Craigslist"! I began the search, and after a few weeks located a used Subzero, although not the style we want in the long run, it fits the hole, looks good, and for being ten years old, it works like a champ! It is chilly on the right, and super cold on the left, and makes a beautiful frozen concoction, that you fancy folk know as "Ice", all on it's own.

Buying a used refrigerator does have its pros and cons. The pros... she cost about a tenth of a new one, the cons... OMG, pigs! Now I am sure that all of my readers keep their refrigerators sparkling clean, but the folks we bought this one from were... PIGS! Six hours of scrubbing and more bleach than was available locally, and I was able to bring it back to life. I just don't understand... have these people never heard of house keepers? Hee Hee

Finally I would like to introduce you all to Betty. Betty is someone we should have met long before now, but these things take time...

Betty was born in 58, and although a bit of a rust bucket, she does love to go to the dump and Home Depot!

I am taking some photographs of our progress now and I will get back to you right away with them, so pleased stay tuned.