January 08, 2018

Happy New Year! It's time for a New Adventure!

All those rumors going around turn out to be true! 227 North Street is on the market.
As much as we love our home, we have decided it is time for a new adventure.
We have graced the halls of this grand old house for a little over eight years, brought it back from ruins, and loved every moment of it. But the itch has begun, a new place, a new existence, a new home.

Not being the timid or shy types, we have turned our sights to Europe. The South of France to be exact. A Chateau turned boutique hotel. We have spent a total of five weeks looking at properties between Bordeaux and Carcassonne, and have fallen in love with the beauty of the area. The properties available are incredible, and there are many to choose from. As this new adventure unfolds I will post further information.