March 10, 2014

Its Spring, time to write again and a Nip and a Tuck


The current owners of 227 North Street have allegedly been lying around enjoying themselves,
instead of working their home that so desperately needs their attention, 
and writing about their escapades...

Ok... I will admit it... I have taken the Winter off! With that said, Hi everyone! We have had a long spell of winter. Although we have continued to work away, it has been small projects, and upkeep. The first phase of exterior work came to a stop at the very end of October, just in time to begin the Holidays. We spent the next two months having a lot of fun in this big ole house. Starting with Halloween, which was immediately followed by a 75th birthday celebration for both of our Mothers, They were born 10 days apart. Family and friends gathered to wish them both the happiest of Birthdays, which concluded with a sit down dinner for forty six at SHED, our local modern grange. Suddenly it was Thanksgiving, I blinked and it was Christmas, I think we managed New Years just before it was Valentines day, and somehow we have quickly arrived at my favorite holiday of the year arrived, Day Light Savings Time!!!

Now it is time to begin to make the magic happen again. We will be hard at work and I will add photographs and updates on a regular basis. I know I owe pictures of the exterior of the front section of the house, but truthfully I have not had the heart to take any shots because of the super freeze we had in December that wreaked havoc on the thirty-five foot tall Avocado Tree beside the house. I am holding out to see how she comes back before I take pictures.

However, a picture is available in the new Sonoma Magazine. Chris Hardy, the photographer, took beautiful pictures, and the story is sweet, so I am posting the pages of the article here for you to read. Everything is posted except the first picture. Apparently the restoration of this house has taken its toll and its time for a redo on myself. I had no idea I had gotten so old in the past five years, so I have made an appointment with an expert to take care of it,  a human restoration artist! Or at least that is what I am calling our new plastic surgeon.