January 25, 2011

23 Towels will solve everything

The Master Bathroom has made great strides in the past couple of weeks. The tile is finally all in place and there is only a little bit of grout left to do. I have never been so happy to see a job complete as I was with this tile. The tile we used in our kitchen was a joy to work with, handmade, crackle glaze, that just went onto the wall in a breeze. But the marble tile was painful every step of the way. I am such a perfectionist that I beat myself up when I start looking at it too close, but everyone who has seen it says it is beautiful and would have cost a mint to have a tile installer do the same job... so I suppose I shall stop staring at it and say...

But then I start staring at it again. Phillip says not to worry, we can put a towel bar there. So our master bathroom will have 23 towel bars. With so many towel bars, I don't know why we bothered with the tile to begin with.

Still so many things to do to finish, second vanity, plaster, toilet, light fixtures, paint, but a bit closer than we were a few weeks ago, and it is usable. Being able to take a shower in your own home is a joy and convenience that everyone takes for granted, but take it from us that it is more of a miracle of the modern age. Next time you stand under that beautiful steam of warm water, imagine nothing come out of the spigot but air.



    More words would only diminish the hard work and creativity.

    Kathy from Yakima, WA

  2. I'm PLOTZING, this is so beautiful. You should be very pleased and proud of all your hard work. I'm coming over to take a shower tomorrow.

  3. It is an amazing shower! and don't tell anyone, we are really bad, British fixtures, no water savers!
    I know it is not very pc, but it is the only luxury we have, and especially after the rough days we work around here!

  4. It's very distressing to take a shower on a beautiful shower room. I wouldn't want to stop if I'm taking a bath on that room

  5. Well, you can compensate for the bad British non-water saving fixtures quite easily. Just restrict water use by showering only once a month. I bet you come out ahead. :-)

  6. I love the tile work and the whole look of the remodel. It's clean lined but has character too. Great post!

  7. OK, stop complaining about the tiles that don't align 1/32th". Sit down in that beautiful tub and SOAK for about THREE hours and THEN complain to me about our chipped CHEAP bathtub in THIS PISS SHACK!!! Love you boys...just want to put in perspective at Park Avenue (I'm so jealous!) xxxooo Garry

  8. Wow, what an incredible space! I absolutely love the way you incorporated the bath into the shower~ Great job - can't wait to see it completely finished.

  9. Mark this place is incredible. The way it is coming together is awesome.


  10. I love this! Absolutely gorgeous! Modern yet looks authentic. You all are my DIY heroes!


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