June 23, 2011

If the shoe fits

The latest issue of California Home and Design hits the street today, as well as launching their brand new web version of the magazine. The story of our home is in the July issue as well as on the California Home and Design blog. They are both fun reads and definitely make us both seem like we are crazy... well, if the shoe fits!

There was a small chance we would make the cover of the magazine, but this did not come to pass. But it does not really matter as the journey has been fun and it is great to see our home in print, even as rough as it is now. There are also beautiful reprints of Tania Amochaev's photographs that were taken before we bought the house.

Read the magazine story here

Read Mary Jo Bowling's blog post here

And you can see more of Tania's work on her website here

Photo Art by Tania Amochaev


  1. Always dazzled by your posts and great photos. Thanks for sharing your article. So happy for you both.

    Mrs. D

  2. How fantastic guys! I am amazed but not surprised!

  3. Very nice...congratulations... I ditto Priscilla above...

  4. BRAVO! Amazing Amazing Amazing.

  5. What amazingly beautiful photography!

    I'm so sorry I didn't make it up for a visit before we moved....things got crazy!



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