July 13, 2011

Nicey-Nice from now on!

It is a glorious day in the wine country and I am covered in sanding dust, and dirty grime. We have removed two more windows, casings, frame and all, from one of the second story guest bedrooms and bathrooms, taken them completely apart, and with heat gun in one hand and a sander in the other, preparing them to be free of paint and grime and back together almost purty as new.

Now wasn't that a nice and gentlemanly way to open my blog post for today?

If you happened to see the comments on my post last week you might have seen this one...

Anonymous said...
"Why do you even care what others think about your life and your home? People don't come here to read your negative bitter rants, we want to see and hear about your progress the good things. People talk, if it's not relevant just don't listen. You sound just like everyone you go off on."

All right then, she or he don't know me very well, but I will try it. From this point forward I will be nicey-nice, and tell you all about the wonderful, amazing, lovely, and beautiful things that happen in our splendid wine country home.

Today we went to Ace hardware, such a wonderful environment for families to shop for power tools while the young-uns play with the baby chickens. I needed to buy a hammer and spent 3 hours going over the pros and cons of each of the possible new soldiers that would join our holy battle. All the while I was surrounded by happy shoppers that smiled at me, in that small town loving way, as they perused the isles looking for their favorite brand of kitchen cleaner. I recommended a few brands to JonDarnel, since she seemed so perplexed by the number of possible brands. It is so uplifting to be helpful!
This morning, before we left, little Johnny threw up in his cereal bowl at breakfast and I had to run quick to get the camera to take a picture because it was so sweet to watch him eat his cereal despite the fact that he just threw up in the bowl... ADORABLE to say the least.
Oh... Suzie just made a poopie in her nappy, the precious little dear. Let me show you how to give the nappy a Martha Stewart look by tying it with a beautiful ribbon, which you can get at Costco for a song. When you tie it up like this it is so cute when you throw it in the trash and every time you open the can to use it you will be reminded of the blessed moment when Suzie made that little pooh, the precious little dear, and, think of the happy smiles on the faces of your guests when they open the trash and see that adorable gift left so lovingly in the can...


Even when I try to write nicey-nice I fall into that wicked sense of humor trap, but I tried.
To Anonymous I kindly wrote...

"I prefer to find funny little bits to incorporate into my writing to make my readers laugh. Humor is the only way to survive what we are doing and quite a bit of humor comes from outside our doors. It would seem that you have not read much of my blog and if all you want is progress, well, walk on by and point a finger or two."

By the way, the reason that the diaper bit popped into my head is that a couple of days ago we were forced to stand in our yard and look down at a lovely gift someone had left us. We circled it, expressed numerous expletives, all the while poking the package with a stick, and playing rock-paper-scissors, to decide who would remove the soiled baby diaper to the trash... sometimes people are disgusting!

Progress report for the day
The staircase has made leaps and strides in the last week and I want to share a couple of pictures with you.

Remember this?

 Now we have this...

Not finished yet, but looking so much better, naked of paint and ancient finishes.

More to come as we continue installing wood finishes in preparation for plaster, which we begin on the 23rd.  Eeeek! I am running out of time!

As I sign off today, don't forget to leave me comments and let me know if you prefer the "nicey-nice" writing style or my usual "negative bitter rants".
Hee Hee Hee Hee Heeeeeee


  1. I'm not sure what alternate universe Anonymous lives in but the last time I checked readers could not dictate the content of someone's personal blog. If someone doesn't like the content then they should stop reading!!!

    I'm also not sure what negative bitter rants he is talking about - because I have yet to find one on your site. You do have a slightly warped sense of humor but that is a good thing. I enjoy hearing the odd bits of your life when you care to share.

    Keep up the good work - both on the house & with the blog - it is all wonderful

    Orlando, FL

  2. I love whatever you write :D

  3. Negative, bitter rants, please! I can't help but wonder if Anonymous is a Tea Party member with no sense of humor who's just jealous of the astounding work you've been doing on your house,the skills you've developed, the progress you've made, the fact that you've made many friends in your community because (in addition to the fact that the two of you are cuter than anyone else around)you're open and warm and creative.

    And the staircase looks fabulous!


  4. Roses are red, Violets are purple....tell anonymous to go take a slurple!!!

    A lover of "negative bitter rants"


  5. OMG--rants please! but I did enjoy the nicey-nice to the point of hysterical tears!

  6. I have to agree with the previous comments of course! We all LOVE your sense of humor!

    A question about stripping the paint from the stairs....did you use a heat gun and scraper, or chemical stripper? I'm going to be embarking on that process in the near future (when the horribly hot weather cools off, that is!).


  7. I prefer the real you. Your sense of humor is so much like mine. Maybe that's why I don't see it as a negative rant, but more a humorous review.

    I wish I could spend a few weeks in your home watching all the processes take place. I have always wanted to renovate an old house, but have not gotten the opportunity.

    Here's an idea for you! You could sell 2-week blocks of apprenticeship time. The buyer stays in the house, helps with all aspects being done during that time, and maybe gets to sign a photo journal of what they accomplished while with you. You get a worker, a fee, and some company. They get to have a hands-on experience and be a part of the house's history.

    Sound like a plan?

  8. I adore your sense of humor and wouldn't want you to change it for anything or anyone.

    And while I love the idea of the poster above me (selling apprenticeship time) alas, I can't physically work on your home. Hell, I can't even work on my own home right now. I've been recovering from an accident and all I can do at this point is watch. I've been paying neighbors to mow my lawn and God forbid I drop something on the floor. It stays there until come kind soul comes to visit me.

    Maybe have another ticket sale for lookie lous to come through and take a peek, asking no questions and not bothering you guys as you work?

  9. The staircase looks fabulous! I did enjoy the nicey-nice to the point of hysterical tears! We all love your sense of humor!

  10. Please don't use the nicey-nice style. I love your blog. I love the snarky humor. And I am in awe of the two of you and the incredible job you are doing.

    Snark on, I say.

    Stephanie B


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