September 27, 2013

Escherian Visions

If M. C. Escher were still with us, you would find him perched on a stool across from the house, with his easel set up and pencil in hand. As the painting continues, the house has become buried in a crazy retinue of ladders. Up down, in, out, every way you can imagine is now available.

The redwood gutter is about to go up on the front of the house, along with all of the trim for the front porch. Columns are completely stripped of paint, sanded and sculpted, primed and ready to be filled.
Fiber glass column bases are on their way from back east (they will never rot again!) and molding for the new column pedestals are being cut as I write. Two new capitals will join three originals, and we will finally be ready to finish the porch. Got to hurry! Halloween is coming fast and we need to decorate!

Pick a ladder, climb on up and sit for spell!



  1. Happened to be in the area for crush/pressing. (Dropped samples @ ETS for analysis) and decided to drive the decorations!

  2. Passed by your site via Circa, absolutely love your house guys! Amazing work and awesome to see the transformation now.

  3. It's looking good! The transformation is amazing to see!

  4. I'm sure it looks amazing now. Any pics? Jx


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