April 22, 2016

The first bloom of spring

It is Spring in the wine country and the roses surrounding the house are in full bloom. It is quite a spectacular show, and one of our neighbors told us they are practically causing car accidents!

I will be posting all that has happened in the past year very soon. Decks are finished, including the staircases, and the upper deck. Our ancient garage has been disassembled and rebuilt in our back yard. We gave it a makeover and it resembles a Creole cottage from New Orleans, we call it "the Summer House" and it is the perfect entertaining space on a warm evening. And finally the third floor of the house is under way, actual rooms with walls of hidden storage cabinets that will look like wainscoting. Add to all that a continued clearing and landscaping of our yard, and two trips to Europe to look at property in France (oops, did I say that outloud?) all in all it has a very busy year!

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