May 18, 2011

Plastered again, or we should be

We were sittin out on the front porch last weekend a rockin away, when this here gentleman comes meanderin up the street. He was pushin a wagon that had big scrolling letters painted on the side of it.

Well I suppose we could use some of that, so we flagged him down. Like a whirl wind Mister Kennedy set up his little ole scaffolding, brewed up his buckets of mysterious powders, and with trowels in hand he marched us into position for our lessons.

Let the fun begin! Mister Kennedy ready start the Kitchen ceiling.

 Plaster is by no means an easy thing to do. It is physically exhausting. Trowel on a thin layer and then double back troweling and smoothing, compressing and and working the surface until it begins to set, then wet and smooth again, all the time hoping to have enough material to make it to a good stopping point. We chose to leave the plaster natural on the ceilings and tint it with pigment for the walls, this way we have the option of leaving it as is when finished, or prime and paint the entire surface.

Along the way we had great help from friends, Thomy and Janine who are new to Healdsburg, were willing to lend much needed hands to the process.

Janine threw her hands into priming woodwork to protect it from the plaster, while Thomy mixed the brew and kept everyone's tools clean. It was an eventful two days, and we learned so much. We still have much to learn but some progress was made with the Kitchen, the breakfast room, and half of the gallery plastered and ready for finish considerations.


  1. Wow. You guys are doin' some GREAT work. It's very exciting to watch.

    Looking forward to more. ;-)

    Stephanie B

  2. Hi guys,

    I follow your website and enjoy reading your posts--which is like eating a piece of great cake, but always wanting more. Keep adding new posts and great photographs. Congratulations on your house restoration. I especially love your kitchen. Amazing work and dedication--on your entire house.

    I'm restoring an old Victorian in rural Wisconsin. I send you a special invitation to stop by and see/read about our whole-house restoration, and decorating.

    Mrs. D

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