March 06, 2013

A shameless plug

I thought today I would take a different route in my posting and let you know what it is I do, besides working on this big old house.

Mostly these days I am a graphic designer specializing in branding, logos, print material and website/email images. Most of my work is in the wine industry, but I have branched out into medical, theaters, and the food business. I am always looking for more clients, so if you need my services let me know.

I also am a paper engineer... a what???   a paper engineer, or one who creates popup books. I have a small line of popup books that are photobooks, and we sell them directly to the consumer. These are some shots of the books that are available and if you find you can't resist please visit...

The Baby Book

Add yourt own pictures to the popups

Toys and your photographs

A teddy bear to love

Climb on!

A mobile and more photos

The Memory book

Place your own photographs in the frames and add information

More space for photographs

Lots of space for adding memories

and more

This is where Phillip said he came from... "Found in a Cabbage Patch"

Locks of hair and more photographs

This where I was told I came from... "the Baby Store!"  The blocks are small photo frames to track growth for the first year

Family members go here in small photo frames, some that are part of the popup

The first birthday page

There are two more books available at sale prices on our website, and two that are out of print and out of stock, except a couple of each from my private stock. Check them all out at....


  1. First I love your blog! Second you are very talented! I am relocating to the Bay Area and am looking at a home as old as yours to purchase and restore. My research brought me to your blog and I don't know if I am crazy or not after reading everything you both have endured, but I must be as a sane person would run the other way. :) In my research I found information about the Mills Act and saw your post regarding your request to use the Mills Act. Did the city ever approve your request?

    Thank you for sharing your story and the house is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. These books are gorgeous! The baby books are so cute. I've somehow managed to never be invited to a baby shower in my life, but those would make a great gift. Really enjoy the house updates as well. Good luck with the exterior painting. I know from experience how fun that can be! Water Damage Cicero


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