January 06, 2010

Who are "They" anyway?

I grew up with three monsters that I lovingly refer to as my brothers and sister. I of course was the angel of the brood and never caused a moment of trouble...  Sorry I was remembering my halo and how it glowed! Well, in my mind it did anyway. Our Mother is a woman with a mission, but always with a sense of humor. I remember as a kid, chores being dealt out on a daily basis, and when ever I would pass by one of my siblings I was reminded of my current chore. "She, told you to take out the trash", "She, told you to vacuum the living room", "She, told you, or She, said...", and it did not matter where you were, in the house or out in the back forty, that loud and clear voice would ring out true, "Don't call me 'SHE', I'm your Mother!"
This memory visits on a daily basis at the house. It is only a shell of a home with no insulation or interior walls. No windows on the East side, and poorly fitting ones everywhere else. Folks walking by on the sidewalk don't realize that we can hear every word that is said. We overhear all kinds of conversations about our home. "They, are doing such and such", They, are doing this and that", "They, are making huge mistakes...", They, are...". It's kind of crazy, and kind of fun at the same time. "They", "She", now I understand. Some times I want to run out the front door into the yard and yell out "we are not 'They', we are Mark and Phillip, and if you are so curious come on up and sit a spell". But fear not, we are recording every conversation for future reference.

We spent 9 days working our butts off at the house over the Christmas break. Rough plumbing, wiring, and earthquake retrofit were the name of the game. Lots of earthquake retro fit, cause ya know, that there hunerd-n-forty year old house might fall down if a big one comes along. Hmmmm, let's see, I guess that means that the 1906 and the 1968 were just little bumps in the night. Oh well, suck up and bust. So my right arm is killing me from holding the nail gun ten feet in the air as I added block, after block, after block, of two by ten lumber between all of the floor joists.

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