December 26, 2009

Hi everyone and Merry Christmas. I know it has been quite a few weeks since I have written, OK, more than a few weeks, and I apologize! I have been in sort of a dark mood with our house and it's not easy to write when you are in a dark mood. Maybe it was the short days and the rainy weather, or maybe it was too many people making decisions on our behalf that they should not have been making. Needless to say, we have made a stand and taken back our Casa. I am putting my foot down from now on and insisting that every choice, option, or decision goes by either Phillip or myself. So if you see folks strung up by their heels, and hanging from the third story windows, you will know that they done crossed us.

Things have been progressing, albeit incredibly slowly. I have numerous pictures of interesting and fascinating internal workings that I will post over the next few days. things like plumbing all done with "Big boy, tinker toy" fittings called Sharkbite, with red and blue plastic water pipes. Heating and air conditioning duct work, flexible duct work on the second and third floor and hard metal ducts on the ground floor to keep those critters out. But I will keep it simple today and share a couple shots of the new skin that the back part of the house has been getting.

I happened to catch these two shots early this week in that one sunny moment.

I promise to get my fingers back to typing and bring you all up to date on our progress, but for now accept our best and warm wishes for the new year!

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