November 12, 2009

Fashionable Dress for Winter

Quote from a local Fashion Critic: "For Healdsburg only the finest fashions are acceptable on the streets, and we present for your consideration the latest and hottest attire in rain gear. Note how the garment hugs the models body and yet allows ample space for air circulation and movement. Chic in its brown with a hint of green coloring and subtle striping that shows off the natural curvature of the form. This new rain gear is sure to become a staple in every home's wardrobe, and no true fashion forward Healdsburgian would be caught without it this season"

But being the true fashion whore that our house is, as soon as everyone is wearing "it", "it" is discarded for the next hottest trend. The newest and most creative underground winter wear to come along in years... a Roof!
Its true! After all these years of a disintegrated and leaking covering, and two thorough interior soakings in the past month, 227 North Street is finally getting a new roof. And now a word from our sponser...
Do you have buckets sitting around the inside of your home as extra precaution everytime it rains? Are you worried that little Johnnie or Sara Beth are having emotional trauma due to bed wetting only to discover large gaping gashes in the ceiling above their beds, does dinner seem moister than usual because of the dripping water of the dining room table when it rains? Have no fear, Leo is here!
Call Leo's Roofing 707-894-8909
Leo's Quality Roofing-The preferred roofing company for 227 North Street
And now, back to our show... With a new roof comes a new outlook. Something finished! That is an amazing feeling in a house that does not have a single item that does not need to be fixed, resurfaced, restructured, or rebuilt. But we have a new roof! Granted it will not be finished until this weekend, but a new roof nonetheless. We are thankful and grateful to everyone who perched precariously 35 feet in the air to make it happen.

In the "let's revisit it for a moment department"

My Iphone camera caught the following images last weekend, as our dear friend Josie Gay was having a discussion with Phillip on the merits, or lack there of, of a toilet facing a window.

Yes indeed, the illustrious Miss Josie Gay is perched upon an imaginary toilet as she tries to decide how visible she is to the windows of the neighboring house.

Phillip then joins her in optional position two, which is much less visible to the street.

And lastly I want to thank all of my readers for the lovely comments and emails in response to my last post. The heartfelt support and acceptance is overwhelming.  I promise not to get out my soapbox very often, it actually takes a lot of pushing for it to appear, but when I do, I hope you will continue to comment and let your voice be heard.

PS, To Ray Holly who wrote to me...
Hi Mark,
I just took some time to catch up on your blog, and enjoyed reading about your remodeling adventure. I have a thought about the new disabled access ramp that will go in soon on your corner. The yellow stuff is referred to as "truncated domes" and it's intended to provide a visual reference for visually disabled folks that they're entering a transition zone from street to sidewalk, or vice-versa. The law requires this tactile surface, but the law does not require that it be yellow. Most cities specify yellow because it's the most common color, but (check out this website it comes in more colors, including gray. It might not be too late for your corner to switch to another color, especially if you offer to buy it yourself. You might want to ask on one of your many trips to the building department.

Ray, you better believe I have looked at the website and will be making an offer to the city to purchase a nice subtle piece of gray "truncated domes" for the forthcoming ramp. At least that way after all of the work we are going through to restore our home we wont have a glowing brighter than the sun, neon yellow, alien landing pad, out front. Thank you so much for the info.


  1. Hey! What's new at the house? Is she stuck in her winter garb or is there something new? Sara

  2. I was wondering the same thing... Mark, have you adopted the philosophy, "If we're silent, they will post?"

  3. Well...
    I have to give an apology for not posting!
    I promise to catch up in a few days.
    I have been in a dark mood about things happening at the house and it has colored my outlook. I don't want to write when I am in a crabby frame of mind as I will say things I shouldn't, and then Phillip will edit the post down to a couple of words.
    I am working on it and I will turn it around soon!

  4. Winter is here. If you want to be in style during the cold months, wear a dress with an elegant drape and train. This outfit is sure to make you look like a true head turner.

  5. Funny post. Good job relating house renovations to fashion makeovers!


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