September 02, 2010

The Day after the night before

Yesterday was a wonderful day! Quiet business as usual. We both work at home, yesterday Phillip was on the phone with the New York City office for hours and I on a project I am working on for the Music Center of Los Angeles. Phone calls came in from happy well wishers and emails and (that thing I am beginning to despise) "facebook". We went to the big house at six pm to begin our evening of work as usual. Phillip on insulation and I on a little side project of creating a cabinet for the stemware storage near the living room. At seven a couple of friends stopped by to say happy birthday, they brought a bottle of Champagne. Table saws and Champagne, great combination! About seven fifteen a couple of other friends were walking by and also stopped  in. Shortly thereafter another, and then another, and yet more friends just happen to be walking by. Well call me Einstein, I finally caught on and soon the friends, the wine, and the food were flowing. The lovely Ariel Ross arrived with a carload of her amazing cuisine, and a table was cobbled together out of two saw horses and a sheet of one inch thick plywood. A table cloth came out of a hidden sack, along with plates, napkins, forks, and knives all courtesy of the dollar store. Ever heard of a bring your own chair dinner? That is what it was and soon our very first dinner party was underway in the ruins.

I want to thank everyone for the kind words and extra thanks to all who were present last night and those that wanted to be. But mostly I want to share my love and thanks to my husband who put this together. A wonderful evening of great friends and Loved ones.


  1. Cathy H. is pissed she did not make the cut.
    Damage control, calling headquarters.... heads up.

  2. John T wishes you a very belated Happy Birthday Mark -- sounds like an auspicious start to entertaining at 227.


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