October 15, 2010

Was it a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?

A few days ago I wrote the post entitled "Where the hell have you been?". In one of the photographs is a mysterious lady visiting the second floor, and I said you have to wait to find out who it is... "All in good time my pretty's, all in good time!"

It seems though that it wasn't a witch at all, or perhaps it was the Good Witch of Santa Rosa's Press Democrat, Meg McConahey.

Meg was visiting with us for the second time, a follow-up story (one year later). We hope to be visited by this strange apparition from the land of Santa Rosa again next year with hopes of "pretty house" things to show her.

Read the story by clicking HERE


  1. Great article, guys. And yes, let's have dinner soon. I'll stop by and we can make plans. Also, I've got a great Royal Family pop-up book I can't wait to show you. Tom

  2. Great article! I am enjoying your website very much. I have always adored older homes, and watching you restore this grand old lady gives me huge satisfaction. Bless you both for taking on the task.


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