October 13, 2010

Where the hell have you been?

You all know that I like to write with a twist, a funny bone tickler, or a zing at someone or something. Well it's been a bit ho hum around the old house lately. Hotter than hell, guess summer decided to visit us late this year, and we have been sweating our way through the master bedroom and bathroom. Not that exciting things have not been happening, but they are small step moments that are really only exciting to us... take for instance.

* News Flash *
another bathtub on the move at 227 north street

Four grown men, a rather expensive "come-along", and sheets of plywood screwed to the stairs, all mixed together to welcome the master bathroom bathtub on its journey from the first floor to the second. At least 300 pounds of cast iron found its way slowly and carefully up the front stairs.

Wasn't that exciting? Did you hold onto the edge of your seat? It has been weeks of very similar types of projects that are moving us forward, but they are not necessarily great writing material nor very pretty to look at. But nonetheless (I love a word that is a sentence all at the same time) we have been working hard everyday late into the evening.

A secret visitor to the second floor... all in good time my pretties, all in good time!

Phillip screwing away (hee hee I said "screwing")

We are finally sealed from the elements. The master bedroom doors are hung, and boarded shut, as there is a twenty one foot drop outside of them.

Every day a little further and the days are growing shorter. but carry on we will, installing drywall and learning to plaster in the dark. We are focused only on the new spaces of the house with great hopes of moving in sometime during the holidays. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Great! Thanks for sharing your renovation. I found your blog thanks to the article on Press Democrat. It is a great inspiration since we bought a house recently and we are working our way into the renovation process.
    We are locals (Santa Rosa), so don't be scare if you a see very curious couple sniffing around the property... hahaha... just kidding :)
    Good luck and keep posting.

  2. Renatiux
    Thank you for checking out the blog and please know that there is nothing we love more than showing and talking about our home.
    We work every evening and every weekend and holiday... so come on by!

  3. Nice renovation for the house. We must love our houses because this is the identity of our success and an image of what do we have.

  4. Houses need renovations like cars need overhauling. If you don't care about your house, termites and other pests will take your house down.


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