October 13, 2011

What have you done now?

Last Sunday and Monday we once again filmed an episode of our favorite new HGTV show, titled...

"Plastered Again" is a really hot new show all about the methods and madness involved in hand plastering walls. The main thing that you, as our viewers, will learn from our show is... don't do it! Run away screaming if someone even suggests plastering walls yourself. We filmed for two days and our partner in plaster crime, Wendy (I need to get a picture of that girl) was here to play with us.
First tackled the last wall in the living room, the wall that surrounds the newly installed antique marble fireplace. This was exciting for two reasons. First the finished wall means that the entire Living room is now plastered and ready for trim painting, and second it allows me to show you the Marble fireplace installed as apparently there was some confusion about the photograph I posted last week. The photo last week was a shot of just the steel and hardi back framework to support the marble.

I now present to you the antique marble fireplace, in its new home...

Cast iron surround to come which will meld us to the firebox.

On Monday morning, Columbus Day, we journeyed onto the Library. We had not chosen a color for the Library and kept throwing around ideas and concepts. Our furnishings will be shades of red, gold, ecru, and a small touch of navy blue, which ruled out all shades of green. We decided in the eleventh hour to do the walls in a very pale butter color. Wendy and Phillip went to the local paint store to buy pigment and away we went.

Now mind you, Wendy is a sample girl, she would prefer to spend months making up sample boards so as to compare all of the possible shades in a chosen color range. That is all fine and dandy if you live in Malibu, and have a wine country playhouse that you are having crews of people working on with no deadlines, and a budget of a gazillion dollars. Well, we live here and our time constraint is intense... so... no time for samples, just go for it, it will be fine!


We are now four days later and the Library walls have dried enough to give us the feel and look of the final color. It is, hmmmmm, how do I describe it... Yellow!

A fair representation of the color, but in real life it is a touched less bright.

When the color coat went on it was this intense, deep, beautiful ocher yellow, not what we envisioned, but really lovely. Tuesday morning we saw no vestiges of ocher, just simply YELLOW! EEEEK!
I then somehow could not contain my mouth, could not seem to throw my hand over it fast enough, and before I knew it I had blurted out the dirty word...

Well that did it... Phillip was not happy. I am not sure what the outcome will be at this point... leave it alone and move on, or chose another color tone and plaster the walls again. But if at sometime in the future, you are visiting us, and after dinner we adjourn to the Tuscan room, you will know the answer.


  1. The fireplace is fab-u-lous, as is the colour. Yay for Yellow! Oh, and since I've not yet mentioned the latest picture of the staircase? Bravo!!! You are doing an amazing job guys. Can't wait to come see it soon.


  2. One other thing. Plaster of Paris? Really? Will it mind the heat? JT xx

  3. JT, the mother land has been using plaster of paris to assemble stone fireplaces for centuries. I tried it on the big pieces but it did not like the hardi backer, so I tore it apart and used thin set instead. But the smaller pieces I did put in with plaster of paris and it works amazingly well, 30 seconds of set time and you are all done.

  4. The yellow is lovely. Really. Years ago I woke up one morning to see a room I painted what I had hoped was a "Federal" red and screamed (as did the color), "Revlon." Hope to see you soon!

  5. Really? The Aboriginals used Plaster of Paris to make stone fireplaces? I thought they used, well, stones. ;-)

    Oh! Hang on, you mean England. Not *my* mother land. Ok. Gotcha.

    Anyway, glad it works. Sounds amazing. J

  6. We admire your enthusiasm and efforts in tackling this large affair! The place is looking great and your feature in California Home Design intrigued us enough to explore your blog- lucky us!
    We must know, who is your master craftsman responsible for the kitchen cabinetry???

  7. The yellow is pretty, you two are awesome.

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