February 06, 2015

It never rains in California...

It is, again, pouring rain. But wait... it is never going to rain here again, we must save our bath water to wash our clothes, and save that water to water the garden. December found Healdsburg deluged in water, our "way back" yard held over a foot of water at the height of the storm. For that couple of days our property value went through the roof... "Lake View"!  January was incredibly gorgeous, perfect weather for getting the garden ready for spring, and I did get all of the front and the two sides of the house done. But, here we are again in the pouring rain. The News says yat another 100 year storm, I even heard that CBS news sent their cameras to the Safeway parking lot yesterday in anticipation of Storm-a-gedon, so as to catch the kayakers cruising around after Foss Creek floods again.

If you haven't noticed, when you own a house of this age, 145 and counting, you hate rain!

On the up side, we finally made the jump a couple of weeks ago, and bought something we have been putting off for years due to the high cost...


So Exciting, and seems to have solved our water issues, but we are still in test phase and time will tell.

This shot is out of one of the windows, white gutters, and bi-color downspouts. I would love to have a photo for you of the wood gutter with its copper down spouts that is on the front of the house...
But it's raining out there! I love you all, but I don't want to get soaked for the sake of a photo.


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