February 18, 2015

What do you do when the weather is rough?

Why, a home tour of course!

The Junior League Holiday Home Tour, to be exact. Is participating in a home tour something everyone should offer up their home for... absolutely not! No offense ladies, but imagine a group of "the ladies who lunch" meandering through your home and voicing their opinions on everything. Of course there are upsides also... you get things done! Our master bathroom received its finishing touches, including mirrors! a wonderful invention those mirrors are, except for the bald spot showing on top of my head in the mirror behind me... where did that come from??? And our laundry room inherited it's sink, a good old fashioned janitors sink that we rescued from a neighbors back yard.

The line began about a half an hour prior to admittance 

An attendee by the name of Lindsey Albrecht, an interior designer in Napa county, took quite a number of photographs of the house, and I hope she does not mind if I share a few with you.

A sink and a work cabinet. Cabinet salveged, still not sold on it

One side of the Master Bathroom, still needs vent covers

And a festive dining room set for Christmas dinner

All in all it was fun day, with lots of really nice folks who wanted to see the house. Best part of all was that the Junior League raised more money during this Home Tour than they ever had!

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