September 25, 2009

NOTICE: Wicked Witches take cover!

Rumors have been flying around town that our house is about to come in for a landing.  Well folks, its true! On Tuesday the 29th of September, 227 North Street will settle down onto a new foundation, stronger, faster, better than it was before! Rob Baggett of Baggett Building Enterprises, House Lifting and Moving, (boy what a mouthful that name is!) and Frank Coleman of All Phase Concrete are going as fast as they can to make this happen. The concrete is being poured into the foundation wall forms as I write this, and by this evening the foundation will be ready. The forms come off on Monday and although things could change, at the moment we have a green light for Tuesday. So buckle your seat belts, grab the children, hold onto the antiques and get ready for the drop!


  1. What time is the landing scheduled for? Should we bring cameras, drinks, sun umbrellas and lawn chairs? Do you think your pal Mr. DeMille will be coming?

    Do you know how to find the perfect graphics or what?

  2. On my calendar and are you up for videotaping by Justin? you can call the connections include tv, radio, etc. you name it you have it.
    ice cold drinks?

  3. and my connections include major motion pictures...

  4. Hey Miss Shonnie... Thanks for the kind words as always! and I thought I shouls throw in that I create a lot of the graphics I use and I am gald you like them!


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