September 10, 2009

To antique stove or not to antique stove, that is the question!

In the midst of a new foundation and the rebuild of the back of the house, we have to think forward.
This is a 1923 Clark Jewel that we are going to purchase and have restored for the new Kitchen.
You might look at it and think, OMG they are doing a "Victorian" kitchen. We actually are not. We are adding great antique/vintage moments to every room, but keeping a very contemporary look. Consequently this stove will stand alongside a Subzero glass door refrigerator and a Miele dishwasher.
The cabinets will be tall and sleek with minimal detail set onto baseboard style bases. The uppers have simple single lite glass doors and soar all the way to the ceiling. All of the cabinets will be painted in a tone on tone color scheme, we are leaning to pale shades of gray or green, and will have a twist of a nod to victorian here and there. Counter tops will be honed white marble with a very clean simple edge. But my favorite part will be a 3 foot by 7 foot work table on big casters. With its marble top this table will make great cooking space, but it can also swing around across the opening of the kitchen, forming a bar where guests can sit on tall stools, watch the mad cooks at work, and wait to be fed.
We are not Victorians, and I don't want to cook in a Victorian Kitchen, so we are finding a way to put a modern kitchen into a very old house and yet not let it look out of place at the same time.


  1. That is awesome - keep the character but allow for the conveniences of modern living. Nobody really hangs out anymore in the living room/dining room on casual get togethers. The kitchen has become the heart of socialization. I love the idea of putting the counter top on castors. Awesome idea.

  2. Patrick and I say YES!!!! Its GR8

  3. I just acquired a (more modest) Clark-Jewel stove from the 20s and don't know anything about how to use a one-temperature oven. Anyone have any thoughts?


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