September 03, 2009

To Oz? To Oz!

We have lift off!
At 9 am this morning September 3rd, the house at the corner of North and Fitch was lifted 4 feet into the air. Expecting creaks and groans, pops and booms, we had moved across the street to view the potential catastrophe from a distance. Before we knew what was happening our house rose slowly and majestically into the air. It was an amazing experience!
More to come....


  1. What a site it was..."breathe...breathe" Phillip and Mark. Well orchestrated team in lifting the house and the work continues. Thank you to Justin Whitaker of myHBtv who arrived to video tape the event! Holly from the Museum on hand to watch and was awarded some treasures from the house by Mark and Phillip. Great neighborhood gathering to give blessings to the new owners and their project they have taken on. Look forward to progress notes and pictures.

  2. Looking goodKeep up with the blog and I'll be there when you are ready.Dad


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