September 08, 2009

Inside a spooky old house

Today I am sharing some photos taken inside the house before we started work on it. See the full album by clicking here. Some of the photographs were taken in the East wing which no longer exists. I have also spent hours giving the blog a whole new look. I think I have done ok considering that I have never done this before. Be sure to check out the slide show of historic photographs to the right. Click on the photos and you can go to the gallery to see large size images.

Today at the house the foundation crew was hard at work. The forms for the footings will go in tomorrow, and the plan is to pour the foundation next Monday! The house should be back down on the ground inside of two weeks.


  1. Mark you are doing a fabulous job on the blog! love watching the project and so does our son.

  2. Wow - what a staircase and floorboards. Don't lose these. They are awesome. Yep - foundations suck. But once done, they are done. Jacking up your house and hoping it doesn't fall apart in the process is unnerving :-)


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