June 22, 2010

A Kodak Moment

The Kodak moment took place at five thirty pm, yesterday the twenty first of June. And with the hopes that the insurance underwriter had gotton some the night before, or even better, that morning, along with a lovely breakfast sitting in the sun shine with birds singing in the trees, and a fresh cuppa joe, we will be judged worthy of receiving the gift of acceptance into the world of homeowners insurance.

Although still a bit shabby, at least we look somewhat put together.

Brent worked for hours on Monday sanding the fill on the house skirt and applying 3 coats of oil based primer. A lot of folks ask about Brent and wonder who he is and where we found him. We found him in a ditch along side the road and we drug him home and make him work. Brent has been with us from day one and he is about the hardest worker you could ask for. I think what makes him special is that he actually cares about what we are doing and treats the house as if it were his own, except for that upside down window in the master bathroom. 

Brent unwillingly posed for a picture so he could grace our story here.

On a side note... over the last weekend Phillip learned to cut glass. Steve at Arrow Glass Company in Healdsburg, graciously loaned us one of his own personal glass cutters. Phillip pulled antique glass out windows that were salvaged but not being used, and set to learn how a glass cutter really worked. Fortunately there were quite a few salvaged windows, and once he worked his way through the issues of a first time user we had glass in the lites of the door above the front door, and a huge empty box of band-aids!

Not a great quality picture, but the glass is definitely in place and we are sealed from the elements.

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