September 15, 2009

Cement and the Big Boy Toys

I suppose you never really think about the beauty of a cement truck until you need one. Yesterday the footings for the new foundation were poured, and next Tuesday the crew will pour the foundation walls. Very exciting to finally see a move toward having the house set down on a solid foundation. Between you and I, I am most looking forward to not hearing about the foundation anymore. Anytime the house is discussed, it is impossible to get beyond the foundation. I want to talk about floors and paint colors, light switches and bathtubs, cabinets and appliances... but nooooooo, we have to discuss how bad the foundation is, "I can't believe that house is still standing", and how much its going to cost to fix it. So, now can we talk about sewer lines and heating and air conditioning, please?
The big boy toys have rolled in. Just makes me want to get out my tonka trucks and play in the dirt. Here the backhoe is working its way through the old foundation.
And this toy is the valve system for lifting a house. Quiet and silent, with just a hiss of air the house will go up in the air. 
We are now in the position of having to hurry up and think of all those things you never thought you'd have to think about in regards to the new foundation. How does the water main get inside, and back out again for yard sprinklers? How does the air ducting for the heating and cooling system get from one side of the foundation wall to the other? Are there electric outlets and light switches on the basement walls? and if there are do you want them recessed into the concrete? Where do those sewer lines go anyway? As I sit here trying to focus on the Cubic feet per minute of various air ducting sizes, at the same time I have pipes, and wires, and more pipes, and more wires, and sump pumps whizzing through my brain, it just dawned on me that I need a doorway close to the floor for the Garden scale trains to make their entrances and exits into the yard. Sweet! I am going to think of trains for awhile and forget all that other crap. Life's simple pleasures..... Chug-a-Chugga Chug-a-Chugga, Chug-a-Chugga, WOOOOO, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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